Is it possible to improve the efficiency of implant procedures? – systemic perspective

Dr. Edyta Biernat-Kałuża, MD, PhD Dr Edyta Biernat-Kałuża, MD, PhD February 25, 2017, Saturday 11:30 – 12:40

Lecture will be dedicated to systemic look at the improvement of efficiency of implant procedures, mainly in context of better implant healing. Particular emphasis will be placed on systemic inflammation – its diagnosis and reduction through pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods, e.g. nutrition medicine and other lifestyle methods.

There will be presented diagnosis possibilities, so that the patient after implant surgery decreases the risk of complications. In terms of rheumatological matters, there will be presented the most optimal treatment procedure of the patient treated with bisphosphonates or Prolia. Participants will become familiar with the newest recommendations on prophylaxis of deficiency of vitamin D3 and the treatment depending on the season, body weight and age.